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Elis Pest Control NI is committed to ensuring your premises remains a safe and pest-free environment

Our award winning systems protect your business 24/7, resolving issues 70% faster than traditional pest management services.

Elis Pest Control

Sustainable Pest Control

Our SMART pest control solutions use sensor technology to monitor pest activity allowing for earlier interventions and targeted responses

Elis Pest Control

Quick response

We have dedicated customer service teams and hubs across the country to ensure effective service when you need it.

Elis Pest Control

Pest Management

Over 40 years supporting customers has taught us that clients’ needs are unique and require dedicated pest control programs that offer clarity and value.

About Elis Pest Control

Elis Pest Control

When you choose Elis Pest Control you’re not just getting a pest control service; you’re getting a partner committed to providing a safe, sustainable, and pest-free environment for your business. Elis Pest Control offers an integrated pest control system that sustainably protects your reputation and assets.

With our award winning Elis CONNECT we provide our customers with SMART Pest Control Solutions leverage advanced sensors systems, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and data analytics, to proactively monitor and manage pest activity in real-time, ensuring rapid response and prevention of infestations before they become a problem.

With 24/7 monitoring we gain a unique insight into activity on your premises, this allows us to get there before an infestation to takes hold and target baiting only where it is required, minimising environmental impact while maximising efficacy. We have been able to reduced annual usage of toxic bait by 48% and reduce resolution times by up to 60%.

We have over 40 years’ experience in Pest Control in Northern Ireland, previously we were known as Northern Pest Control. We understand that each business and every home is unique and so our technicians take the time to understand your requirements and develop bespoke pest control programs designed to meet the specific needs of your industry and operation, whether you’re in hospitality, healthcare, education, or any other sector.

Our team of certified professionals are active across all 32 counties and are not only skilled in advanced pest management techniques but also committed to providing exceptional service. We stay ahead of the curve through continuous training, supported by the Elis Training Academy in addition to IPCA, BPCA and SEPA. We have international insights and experience from our colleagues across Europe and customer service teams across the island of Ireland ensuring your business benefits from excellent support and advise when you need it.

At Elis, we believe in doing business responsibly. Our strong CSR credentials reflect our dedication to making a positive impact on communities and the environment. We are proud recipients of a gold ECO VARDIS medal, A-rated by the Carbon Disclosure Project and our CSR objective have been validated by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTI) and are SEPA certified. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and our rental maintenance model as an alternative to the simple purchase or use of products maximised product life underscores our commitment to not just being a service provider but your partner in business.

Partner with Elis Pest Control for your pest control needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can tailor a solution that fits your business needs. Together, let’s make your business a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable place.

Our Commercial Pest Control Services Include

Elis Pest Control

Rodent Control

Rodents pose significant health risks and can cause extensive damage to your property. We offer a system that monitors your premises for pest activity 24/7, informing our dedicated pest technicians, in real time, the requirement to be on site.

Bed Bug Treatment

Elis provide effective bed bug monitoring systems and chemical free treatments for speedier and safer resolutions.

Our expert team employs advanced monitoring methods to ensure infestations never take hold, protecting your reputation and business. Trust Elis to provide safe, efficient solutions, restoring comfort and safety to your space with our proven techniques

Woodworm Treatment

Discover peace of mind with our Woodworm Treatment Solutions – designed to identify, eliminate, and prevent woodworm infestations, safeguarding the integrity and beauty of your woodwork.

Our expert technician utilise advanced treatment methods and eco-conscious practices to ensure a thorough resolution to woodworm issues.

Flying Insect Control

Take back control from flying pests with our flying insect control services. Our specialists utilise cutting-edge strategies to target flies, wasps, midges, mosquitoes, and other flying insects.

We can safeguard your home or business, implementing safe and effective solutions to provide you with an insect free environment.

Bird Control

Our expert bird proofing services are designed to humanely deter birds from nesting and roosting in areas where they can cause damage or health risks. We have extensive experience with netting, spikes, and visual deterrents, we tailor our approach to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s pigeons, seagulls, or other bird species, trust us to provide effective, discreet protection, keeping your buildings clean and safe without harming the birds.

Washroom Services

We understand the importance of a well-designed, well-equipped washroom. Research has proven that higher hygiene standards keep staff and customers safe, enhance your company’s image and boost morale. Our Aqualine and Fusion ranges offer sanitary, hand hygiene and air care solutions with real style and with our rental maintenance model..

Decontamination Services

At Elis Pest Control we not only offer rodent and insert control we can offer you the same peace of mind in relation to the sanitisation of your premises. 

We have added a Bio Fogging division that can sanitise your premises as a precaution or reaction to different outbreaks. We…

Crawling Insect Control

Our team of technicians have extensive experience tackling a wide range of crawling insects including;

– Ants
– Cockroaches
– Beetles
– Clothes Moths
– Silverfish

Wasp Nest Removal

Although the presence of a wasp in your general vicinity may cause concern, we must remind ourselves that wasps are incredibly important for the health of the world around us. They are an important part of a garden ecosystem as pollinators and reduce pest populations by feeding their larvae insects and caterpillars. 

Elis Pest Control - Northern Ireland

Expert, effective, discreet & cost-effective pest control at your doorstep.

Elis Pest Control, formerly Northern Pest Control became part of the Elis group in 2022. NPC was established in 1994, dedicated to delivering an efficient, discreet, professional service, tailored to customer’s needs. Elis Pest Control is proud to be the leading provider of pest control in Northern Ireland.

Our Regional Technical Centre is centrally located within Northern Ireland with fully trained and qualified technical staff located throughout the region, with membership of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). We aim to be no more than 45 minutes away from a call-out and have the support of RTCs based in RoI for those clients who require an all-island solution for their business.

Why not give Jessica a call to discuss your requirements on 028 7940 1261

Elis Pest Control





The Commercial Sectors We Service Include

Elis Pest Control

Industry and Manufacturing

All Irish businesses must provide and maintain a safe, clean, healthy environment for their staff and customers….

Hospitality – Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

Ensuring a pest-free environment is a particular challenge for all of those involved in the business preparation…


Ensuring a pest free environment is an imperative task faced by all retailers. The detection of a pest infestation…

Data Centres

Pest infestations pose a significant risk to Data Centre Operations. Data Centre buildings with critical data halls…

Educational Facilities – Schools & Creches

Ensuring a pest free environment is an imperative task faced by all retailers. The detection of a pest infestation…


Pest infestations pose a significant risk to Data Centre Operations. Data Centre buildings with critical data halls…

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Based on 29 reviews
Brian Beckett
Brian Beckett
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We had an issue with rodents recently and called the office as there was some distress on the premises, Niamh was amazing and provided great reassurance. The Elis Pest Control technician was on-site that day and was able to ascertain the issue and provided us with a clear plan of action which he was able to start to implement that day. Mick provided great follow up and it seems to be resolved so we are really happy with the service and thankful to the entire team.
Janice Doyle
Janice Doyle
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We have been really happy with the team from Elis Pest Control, I find our technician really helpful, he is always available to discuss queries we have, and the on-line systems is effective and meets with our QSE requirements.
ken keating
ken keating
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Elis Pest Control have provided my plant with effective solutions for all the pest issues we encounter on site. Most recently they were able to resolve our bird issue – great team of guys – who worked around the schedule of the site to reduce disruption which meant we were able to install bird proofing over the weekend, our production schedule ran as normal and I happy team an no more bird problems!

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